Our Company

The company S.R.M.Associates is started basically to achieve the knowledge distribution in the fields of law and associated with S.R.M.International Foundation to achieve other objects also in the field of charity and education in the field of law. Hence the information given through the website is free of cost and also enables the visitors to make donations if they like the charitable activities of the foundation.

This is Law Firm, aiming at improving the efficiencies of the advocates, attorneys, document drafters and law community as a whole freely By establishing client, customer relationship with the advocates and providing the necessary advice for the litigating public who do not have a legal background. It also facilitates making acquaintance with the The process of drafting different kinds of instruments like sale, gift, power of attorney, lease and other documents relating to the corporate community for Their daily needs.

It is a meeting point of advocate and the litigant public duly giving the names & address of the advocates and their specialty, So that the public can choose the right type of advocate for their need.It also facilitates to Aquent with the different services of the government in respect of Land value and registration cost of the registration Department in south India as a whole.

Company Goals

To teach preach and help the society in the field of law. It aids to give free consultation in the field of law and people who do not have financial support will be assisted to have recourse to the courts to protect their rights and also participate in the social service activities of the S.R.M .International Foundation. Already a hospital is being run to cater the health need of the poor and needy.


The team is headed by V.Monisa.,M.Tech Managing partner and, director who have vast experience in the field of software and charity.